The Gifted Teacher Fellowship Program

The Gifted Teacher Fellowship Program of the Central Cities Gifted Children’s Association was created to recognize the outstanding educators who are teaching in Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs in the Central Cities area and beyond. The purpose of the Gifted Teacher Fellowship Program is to foster excellence within gifted education, encourage a commitment to serve gifted students in the central cities grades, K to 12, and to promote an understanding of differentiated instructional strategies in the classroom that can be replicated in other classrooms. Candidates will be selected based on the following: a one-page description of the nature and purpose of an instructional lesson or project; a budget statement showing proposed expenses; evidence of commitment to purpose: autobiographical statements which include examples of achievement and interest (1 page); recommendations or letters of support from school’s administrator and two additional persons. Candidates will be awarded grants up to $500 to finance advanced educational projects or programs.

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